• The Integration Platform.

    Frontend-as-a-Service (FaaS). Data hosted by any cloud.

  • What

    Fast Innovation

    It is a Frontend-as-a-Service.

    Tangle.io is a platform that allows you to create and integrate apps visually. With simple drag-and-drop tools you can build Frontend-as-a-Service extensions to existing IT systems, and host data in any cloud.

  • Why

    Any Trusted Cloud

    Fastest-growing software cloud.

    Tangle.io allows you to avoid reinventing wheels and high costs of full stack development. Instead, you get to create new apps that wrap existing IT systems - rapidly. This means delivering on any cloud.

  • Who

    Proven Technology

    The next unicorn ...

    Tangle.io is rapidly gaining attention of the world's largest organisations, such as NHS. As a low-code platform, combined with Open Source and secure GitHub containers, this means low-risk and low-cost outcomes.

  • Where

    Success Story

    Adopted by the UK NHS.

    Tangle.io is enabling the design of mission-critical patient systems and other digital innovations. This includes existing IT systems for National Health Service, the largest organisation in UK.

  • When


    Connecting everything, faster.

    Tangle.io enables large, complex enterprises and public sector organisations to extend and break down the barriers - the silos between different organisations, different departments, and different systems.

  • How

  • How

  • How

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